Update on the Dupre set for U.S. buyers -- there will be inventory at Amazon U.S. and other American 
retailers soon. There was a shipping problem (a shipment was lost at sea). Meanwhile, and definitely have inventory, plus you can order directly from the Marcel Dupre Society in 
France. And I think ImportCDs has inventory.

-- Tom Fine

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Hi, Tom,

I received the Marcel Dupré Box Set a couple of days ago from Amazon.CA
for a very reasonable price. I had used their low-price pre-order system
and received a substantial reduction from the originally quoted price.
I'm very happy.

All I can say is FANTASTIC! I haven't even gotten into the Paris and
Rouen recordings yet, just have spent time with the St. Thomas and Ford

The fact that the St. Thomas recordings were made a year after the
rebuilding of the organ by G. Donald Harrison--a project that
precipitated his death--means this is a very important milestone
recording of one of the great examples of Aeolian-Skinner organ building
at its peak, played by one of the great organists of all time.

As you have noted, a flood damaged that shortly after the recording was
made and the Gilbert Adams renovations to the organ have not fared well
and also, as you have noted, a MAJOR renovation is in the works,
although the leading light behind that renovation, Dr. John Scott, the
replacement for the late Dr. Gerre Hancock (my friend and mentor), has
also died, unexpectedly at a young age.

I am very impressed with the sound that the Mercury team obtained on the
St. Thomas recordings, having recorded the later incarnation of that
organ many times, including for a record released in the past on my own
label, featuring Dr. Judith Hancock performing Mozart and Dupré. I need
to check if the precise same pieces are on my recording and the MLP set.
That will be a fun comparison. Judith is a superb organist.

I do appreciate the Saint Saëns Organ Symphony and it is interesting to
compare the new CD version to the Box Set #2 version. I will, at some
point, do a careful comparison, but for now, I've just enjoyed
listening. Marvellous!

I also became enthralled reading the diary excerpts in the book. Totally
fascinating. Your mother made quite the impression on Mme. Dupré. And
yes, the subway is one of the main non-joys of recording at St. Thomas.
The cost of ameliorating that is phenomenal. While in theory it could be
done, the price prohibits it.


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