I'll second that endorsement of WordPress. For my business, I took the route of buying a domain and hosting (cheap), but use a Wordpress theme as the design engine. Took me a couple days to get familiar with it, but it wasn't hard to get going. The biggest challenge of a blog-based thing is keeping it updated so it doesn't look abandoned. Trying this morning to dream up a topic.... One nice thing is most designs work on mobile devices.

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You might want to try WordPress.

I think they give you 2gb of free storage.

You create a new post, upload an image, give the post a title, maybe a tag, hit submit and you're done. The whole thing takes less than a minute.

WordPress also lends itself to easier browsing.
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> Hi Bob:
> I've dealt with those folks before. I offered to send them a hard 
> drive full of vintage audio manuals, schematics, literature, etc. They 
> basically said thanks but no thanks, apparently they don't have a good 
> automated way to port stuff like that onto their online sites. I 
> definitely don't have very much time for this, so I was thinking some sort of "broadcast channel"
> like a social media thing would be best. Ideally, I'd spend about 2 
> minutes in some sort of upload interface dragging and dropping a jpg 
> or group of jpgs, and then the word would go out over the social media 
> that there was an update. People who "follow" would then know there's 
> something new to look at or download. This seems more modern than a static website.
> -- Tom Fine
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> media "stream"
> Hi Tom.  Would you be interested in posting on the Internet Archives site
> as a separate 'collection' ?  We would love to help with this.   Sounds
> great.   In this way people from all over the world could add to the data.
> B. George
> Director, ARChive of Contemporary Music, NYC Curator, Sound 
> Collections, The Internet Archive, San Francisco
> On Oct 19, 2015, at 8:43 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I would like to set up a "channel" or "stream" to post JPG scans of 
>> old equipment schematics and photos and brochure/manual pages. What 
>> is the best app or website to use for this? Ideally, I'd like to just 
>> upload stuff and then tell a couple of lists about it and word can 
>> spread from there. I don't want to spend any time "curating" things 
>> like "friends" lists or requests and I don't want to chat or message 
>> with people viewing the "channel," it would just be a resource for 
>> those interested in such things to grab up a steady flow of information. Is there such a site or app?
>> Perhaps a regular blog website is better?
>> -- Tom Fine
>> Trying to (slowly) enter the 21st Century