Hello everyone!

 My name is Dave Meyers and I have been away from the Arsclist for many
years. Some of you may remember me as the Technics SP15 guy from Overkill
audio. I got out of doing work with the SP15 many years ago due to the lack
of parts availability and the prices sky rocketed and I could no longer
afford to buy and refurbish them. 

BUT...I have been tinkering...and I am wondering, how many of you are still
using the Technics SP15 turntable??? How many of you have dead units? How
many of you would like some advanced functionality??

 We here at Overkill audio have been slaving away over hot soldering irons
and we have a new product in the works to breathe new life into old and dead
SP15 turntables!!! As some of you may know, the Technics table uses three
proprietary IC's inside that are no longer available. One of which is the
dreaded and doomed MN6042 IC. Well. We have designed a replacement device!
We are still in the prototype phases. But we are planning advanced
functionality. +/- 20% pitch control range, direct RPM speed control so you
can dial in 75.2 RPM, 80.3 rpm, 47.8 rpm etc. 

 We are also looking at PC control! As well as many things like Protools
plug ins that would allow stop/start/pitch and pitch plotting etc. that part
is a long way off but our Initial prototypes are working well and we hope to
have a product to market by early next year. 

 We also can add 78RPM option to the Technics SL1300, 1400 and 1500MKII

 We are looking into making our thrust bearings and removable spindles as
well. If we can find an affordable machinist in the area.

 If anyone is in immediate need of a MN6042 IC, I have 2 used but tested
working chips available. Contact me and we can work it out. We are also
looking for some Dead Sp15's, even parts units etc if anyone is willing to
part with them. 

Stay Well!

Dave Meyers
Overkill audio inc.