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> Hello all,
> I'm writing because I have started a new project at work that is near 
> and dear to my heart.  When I was in library school my cataloging 
> class has to use MS Word to do our cataloging because what library 
> instructor can afford and ILS just for one class?  That's why I am 
> looking for library school instructors who teach cataloging, systems 
> librarianship and other technical services subjects who might be 
> interested in having a free, hosted ILS for their classroom!  ByWater 
> Solutions is now offering free hosting for such classes via our 
> Klassmates ( ) program.  As of today we host Koha for a few classes at Rutgers and University of North Texas.
> If you're interested in taking advantage of this program to help 
> better educate your students on the ins and outs of an ILS please fill 
> out the form on our website ( ) or email me at 
> [log in to unmask] and I will get in touch right away.
> Please feel free to share this email with any of your current or past 
> professors and share on social media.
> Thanks a ton!
> Nicole C. Engard
> Koha Documentation Manager
> VP of Community Outreach, ByWater Solutions


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