As a former member of the OCLC Global Council, I strongly recommend federal librarians consider putting their names forward.

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Submit your OCLC Global Council nominations for 2016 elections by October 26
Global Council Elections Template 2
Make an impact. OCLC Global and Regional Council Nominations

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ACT NOW: OCLC Global and Regional Council
self-nominations open through Monday, October 26


Together we make breakthroughs possible. As OCLC, we move forward with purpose, guiding and shaping the future of our shared community. Our Global and Regional Councils represent the voices of all member libraries.

Jay Starratt, Americas Regional Council (ARC) Chair, and the ARC Executive Committee invite you to contribute to the continued success of the cooperative, and make an impact on the global library community, by running for a Council position. 

This year, we are seeking nominations for 16 seats on the Americas Regional Council (ARC):

  • Ten at-large delegates
  • Six delegates to serve on the ARC Executive Committee (including the positions of Secretary and Vice Chair/Chair-Elect).

We seek at least two of these delegates from Canada, and at least one from either Mexico, Central America, South America and/or the Caribbean to support the Committee’s goal to achieve diversity.

Nominations are open through Monday, 26 October 2015.


Delegates whose terms will end June 30, 2016, and whose positions are the subject of the election:

  • Tricia Bengel - Nashville Public Library, USA
  • Dalia Corkrum - Whitman College, USA
  • Christopher Cronin - University of Chicago, USA
  • Carol Pitts Diedrichs - The Ohio State University, USA
  • David Drysdale - University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Gwendolyn Ebbett - University of Windsor, Canada
  • Chuck Gibson - Worthington (OH) Libraries, USA
  • Lesliediana Jones - George Washington University Law, USA
  • Elmelinda Lara - University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Madeleine Lefebvre - Ryerson University, Canada          
  • Kirsten Leonard - Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI), USA
  • Melinda Webster Loof - Lexington Public Schools, USA
  • Suzanne Payette - Brossard Public Library, Canada
  • Ana Maria Quiroz - Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, Chile
  • Debbie Schachter - Douglas College, Canada     
  • Jane Treadwell - University of Illinois at Springfield, USA


About this election

Elected delegates serve a term of three years during which they are members of the OCLC Global Council. They advise OCLC on strategic issues and participate in both virtual and in-person meetings, and may also serve on OCLC committees and working groups. All meetings are conducted in English.

Candidate selection

Candidates must be from an OCLC member institution. The Nominating Committee will be appointed by the ARC Chair, and will review the nominations received to ensure they meet the criteria and to determine the slate of candidates. The Committee considers important factors such as geography, institution type and size to ensure a diverse slate of candidates.

The Nominating Committee will announce the slate of candidates via email and a posting to the OCLC website in December.

Election schedule

Voting will then take place from 16 February to 29 March 2016, and election results will be announced during the April 2016 OCLC Global Council annual meeting. The three-year terms of elected candidates will start on 1 July 2016.

Update your voting contact information

All voting will be conducted online. Please let us know if your voting contact has changed by filling in this form. You (or your library’s director) will need your OCLC symbol to confirm or update your organization’s voting contact information. Each member organization has one vote per institution. If you have questions, contact us by sending an email to [log in to unmask]"> [log in to unmask].

For more details, visit the Global Council Web page.

Thank you for your nominations.