The USGS has a rapid report process when significant Earth events occur in order to provide the public with information that may be needed as soon as possible; these may be of interest:   


Preliminary peak stage and streamflow data at selected USGS streamgaging stations for the South Carolina flood of October 2015

Most library inquiries have been in regard to the information in table 2, Chronology of major and other memorable floods in South Carolina since 1893.

other info 

USGS flood information : http://water.usgs.gov/floods

WaterWatch : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/

WaterQualityWatch : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/wqwatch/

Groundwater Watch :http://groundwaterwatch.usgs.gov/


Poster of the Vanuatu Earthquake 20 October 2015 - Magnitude 7.1

Earthquake event page : http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us10003q0q#general_summary


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