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The Department of Energy conducts more than $11 billion a year in research and development.  The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) helps ensure a return on these DOE investments by collecting, preserving, and disseminating DOE-sponsored R&D results.


For your consideration, here is Issue 13 of the OSTI.gov Newsletter


This issue features news of a new OSTI tool that makes it easier for DOE-affiliated authors to submit their accepted manuscripts to DOE PAGESBeta, the public access gateway to scholarly publications resulting from DOE funding.  You can also read about the recently issued DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management, as well as the DOE Data ID Service, an OSTI resource that DOE researchers are encouraged to use to help increase access to their digital data.  In addition, we report on the global role that WorldWideScience.org plans to play in providing public access to research data and scholarly publications, offer a search tip for distinguishing between datasets and data collections when using DOE Data Explorer, and share information about flyers and posters available online about OSTI and its products and services.  

Issue Contents

October/November 2015

·         New OSTI Tool Facilitates Submission of Accepted Manuscripts

·         DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management

·         Search TipDatasets vs. Data Collections in DOE Data Explorer

·         Most Viewed Documents from All OSTI Search Tools by Subject Category

·         WorldWideScience.org:  A Global Role in Aggregating Public Access to Research Data and Scholarly Publications

·         OSTI Product Flyers and Posters Available Online

·         Meet DC Liaison Joanna Martin

·         Retiree Tribute:  Jack and Mary Ridenour

·         In the OSTI CollectionsQuantum Chaos

·         The Latest from OSTIblog

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