OK collective wisdom, my google-fu is failing me.

Where can I find the pbCore CreatorRole and ContributorRole vocabularies?   I can find information ABOUT them, and descriptions OF them, but I can't find the actual list of actual vocab terms anywhere.  I know I found it at some point, because I have a small subset of them in my notes labelled "pbcore roles" but of course I didn't write down the URL.

I have tried The Registry (, but their search is, shall we say, less than helpful (e.g. the PBCore instantiationPhysical vocab is in fact in there, but a search on it tells me there are no results).  I struggled there for half an hour and now I just want to gnaw my own foot off and run away.

So, if anyone has a direct URL to the full list of vocab terms, I will be most grateful.

Apologies to those of you who get this more than once due to cross-posting.


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