NLS Operations Alert


No. 15-81


DATE          :  October 5, 2015

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Jane Caulton, Head, Publications and Media Section

SUBJECT   :  October partnership outreach



NLS is sending an e-mail blast this week to more than forty organizations around the country that have expressed an interest in spreading the word about the braille and talking book program. The e-mail, which is tied to Blind Americans Equality Day (formerly known as White Cane Safety Day) on October 15, includes information about NLS, as well as sample Facebook posts and tweets the organizations can use. The e-mail and a list of organizations that will receive the e-mail are attached.


Network libraries are free to use these Facebook posts and tweets in their outreach efforts as well. We will share more details about our partners, and ways that network libraries can establish relationships with local and regional affiliates of these organizations, in the weeks ahead.



October partnership outreach e-mail

List of recipients


For more information contact:

Jane Caulton

Head, Publications and Media Section

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