NLS Operations Alert

No. 15-86

DATE          :  October 20, 2015
TO                :  Network Libraries
FROM         :  Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
SUBJECT   :  BARD Mobile app for iOS devices 1.1

The BARD Mobile app for iOS devices, version 1.1, is now available at the App Store. This updated version of the app includes the following features:

*         Built-in sleep timer
*         New setting that keeps device from sleeping while download is in progress
*         Add to wish list directly from details screen
*         Enhanced braille search function
*         Improved VoiceOver hints and labels
*         New braille shortcut key
*         Improved Magic Tap response
*         Works with iOS 9

The BARD Mobile app enables NLS patrons to download audio and braille books, magazines, and music scores directly to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, provided they have a BARD account. A refreshable braille display is required to read downloaded braille materials. The user guide is available in the Help section of the app and online in HTML format at:

For more information contact:
Richard Smith
Chief, Network Division
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