NLS Operations Alert


No. 15-87


DATE          :    October 21, 2015

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Ed O’Reilly, Head, Collection Development Section

SUBJECT   :    Analog-to-digital conversion update



The conversion of books from the analog cassette collection (RC) into digital audio (DB), which has been underway for more than ten years, is entering its final stages.


Except for a small number of medical and scientific works that were excluded as obsolete, every usable analog cassette book will be converted. Because the procedure is highly mechanized, the order of conversion is unpredictable, and we cannot accommodate requests to speed the conversion of specific titles. We ask for your forbearance in this process.


In the next six months, NLS contractors will convert approximately three thousand titles. In the following two years, NLS expects to assign the remaining fourteen thousand titles for conversion. These will be posted to BARD as rapidly as NLS Bibliographic Control and Quality Assurance staff can process them.


For more information contact:

Ed O’Reilly

Head, Collection Development Section

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