I noticed in the separate string about "laptop upgrade" (really about
external small DAC's), that you, Richard Hess, said you have upgraded most
of your computers to Windows 10.  I have been hesitating to do that myself,
simply because things are working now the way they are, using various other
Windows versions (except XP, which has now unfortunately left the building
for me, along with some great programs that I lost).  I don't want to
invite trouble, and as we all know, Microsoft is not really our friend.
And I have read somewhere online that Windows 10 has had a bug involving
hi-def audio files.

But if you are using Windows 10 for audio work, Richard, and all is going
well, maybe I will do the free upgrades to Windows 10 on all my computers.
Microsoft sure wants me to, with all the constant nagging upgrade
messages.  That in itself is almost a reason not to.

How has your experience been with Windows 10?  Any problems?

And others on the list?  Liking it?  Not liking it?

John Haley