In 1997, I gave a presentation on the Pickering 190/190D tonearms, which
employed a very short pivot for the cartridge, to the ARSC national
conference in Nashville. Part of that presentation also used portions of an
audio interview with Norman that I recorded at his home earlier that year.
He was a true polymath focussed around music: a seeker after better audio
reproduction; a student of the acoustics of violins; and founder of a piano
festival, in addition to his design work for Conn instruments. He told me
of his friendship with William Bachmann at the time the latter was involved
in the development of the Columbia Lp, and how their discussions
intensified his interest in lightweight pickups. He also told the full
story of Walter Stanton's takeover of the Pickering Co.

His design for his 190 series arms remains one of the most successful for
tracking 78 rpm discs with warping and other dimensional anomalies. I felt
privileged to know him and regret that our meetings were not more numerous.

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> Pickering was a founding member of the AES.
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