Hi ARSClist friends,

There's an interesting article
on Pitchfork about the "panoply of [format] choices" listeners have these
days. I collect records, CDs, and cassettes, and I recently became a
Spotify subscriber (basically because I couldn't bear to hear one more
goshdarn Geico commercial interrupt an album, but also because I stream
music at work and home for hours each day). I prefer rock and R&B and
classical music on vinyl, electronic/ambient music on crisp CDs, and any
genre (and mixtapes from friends) on cassettes. The cassette resurgence is
real, I think, and it's cool at local shows to dig a group's set and hand a
band member $5 or $10 for a tape at the merch table afterwards. It's a good
format for small groups to use to get their music into fans' hands.

Which formats do you prefer? Is anyone still listening to recordings on
ADAT, DAT, or MiniDisc? And has *anyone* ever played or owned Elcasets? (To
be honest, I'd never heard of that format until tonight.)

In sound,

Eric Cartier
Digital Librarian
University of Maryland Libraries