Thanks for forwarding this, Tom. I saw it already, but am glad it is being

Having freelanced in NY for over 40 years and attended concerts here for
even longer, it is hard to think of a face in the music world that was more
familiar to me. Interestingly, I played for many years along side his
daughter-in-law Enid as a member of the Goldman Band. She was also a
percussionist and I assume that this was not a coincidence. The obit does
not say what his sons' professions are, but I don't think that either
followed his lead.

Dick would occasionally turn up on gigs that I was playing, somehow finding
the free time in his schedule at the Met. He definitely had the tympanist
demeanor. Calm and always concentrating. The other percussionists with
their menagerie of toys could tend to flamboyance, but there must be
something about the rolling thunder of the kettle drums that attracts a
particular personality.

Strange that this comes relatively soon on the loss of Everett "Vic" Firth,
who also was at least as well known for his handiwork with drum sticks as
Dick was with batons. He didn't last 60-plus years in Boston, but he was
there for a hell of a long time.

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