By Dave's logic, which is logical, then Corey Bailey's idea is the best of all worlds. Buy a drive, 
clone your W7 system drive, swap in the new drive, upgrade that drive to W10, suss out whatever 
needs sussing out, then put that drive on the shelf for the day W7 isn't supported anymore. Put your 
W7 drive back in, go on about your business with your free upgrade waiting to be used if/when 

Hearing about Dave's problems, I might just swap back in the W7 drive! Why invite trouble, even when 
it's right now not in the room?

-- Tom Fine

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I Understand what Microsoft is trying to do to some degree. Aside from the "buy more products now" 
thinking, they are trying to appeal to the masses of kids that grew up having their phone as their 
first computer. Most of us are probably old enough that Dos, Win3.1, win95 was where we started and 
so we think linearly based on those early OS's. but the newer gen started with app based touch 
screen phones. So MS is trying to jump the gun and come out with an OS that is familiar to those 
kids who are now getting to be adults or soon will be. MS just jumped the gun a little bit and went 
too far with win8.

 And MS is pushing Win10 real real hard! They really want people to make the the extent of 
giving it away free....why? Many suspect that MS will soon be CHARGING for updates and support.

I am of the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" thinking. I mean if you like spending hours doing 
upgrades and tinkering with drivers and apps and all the headaches that go along with an OS upgrade 
and all the consequent issues that follow. Well, go for it. But unless there is a VALID reason to 
upgrade. I say stick with what works!


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Thanks to you both, Tom and Dave.  Glad to hear it is working for you, Tom, but the things you are 
telling us, Dave, are scary.  I wonder if Microsoft will ever work out the bugs, if we wait long 

It really annoys me to waste time screwing with computer issues, when I am trying to get something 
else done.  The older I get, the less patience I have for falling into the computer black-hole.  I 
just want it to sit there, behave itself, and work.  It is particularly annoying that Microsoft 
succeeds in getting things to work with one system, and then pulls the rug out from under us with 
new things that don't.  Microsoft is like a spoiled brat that just wants our attention, for better 
or for worse.


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> My Employer (and I) have found numerous bugs in win10! My personal
> opinion for whatever its worth is stick with 7 as long as you can. At
> work we are testing audio drivers and about 7-8-9th time you plug in a
> device. Win10 just forgets and can't find the driver or doesn't know
> what to do and hangs up. We have at least a dozen machines that have
> all started the "File
> Explorer- Hang", you open file explorer and it just sits there for
> hours "loading". The machines all ran fine at first but then at some
> point, something gets corrupted and it will start the "hang" we have
> found a workaround, by opening a second instance of file explorer, the
> first will still be hung but the 2nd loads right up. I personally
> don't like the win 8 look? But I do love that you can right click on
> the start button and get to the control panel, printers etc! that is a
> nice feature. We have also found that some older programs will not run
> under win10 even if you try compatibility mode, and some that you can get to run will exhibit 
> problems.
> SO...your mileage may vary. For now Win7 still seems to be the best
> version of windows MS has come up with yet!
> Dave Meyers
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> One man's experience with Windows 10 ...
> I took Corey Bailey's advice and bought a Western Digital SATA drive
> ($59 for 1TB), used WD's free version of that German drive-cloning
> software that Corey recommended, and swapped the drive into my
> 2014 Lenovo desktop PC that had been running Windows 7. I then took
> Microsoft up on its free upgrade offer. The upgrade took a couple of
> hours, but resulted in no fatal problems. Windows 10 seems to work
> fine with the following audio programs installed on that computer:
> -- Soundforge 11
> -- all of the Soundforge plugins by Sony, Izotope and others
> -- Izotope RX5
> -- Foobar2000 latest stable version
> -- Tag&Rename latest version
> I also confirmed that Windows 10 is not hostile (ie causes no
> problems) for Office 2003, including Publisher 2003, all installed on that machine.
> Quark Xpress 2015 also works fine in Windows 10, as does Quark's
> batch-conversion utility.
> AllwaySync software works fine, but Windows 10 did change some
> directory structures, so I had to adjust a couple of backup profiles.
> The overall look and feel of Windows 10 is quite nice. I like the
> squared-off look, as opposed to the "gumdrop" Apple look that
> Microsoft had copied to varying extents. The Start menu, however, is Windows 8-like.
> There is a free program called Classic Shell:
> which will fix this and any other look and feel issues most users
> might have. I went semi-medievel on with Classic Shell and returned
> much of the look and feel, especially folders and file lists within
> folders, back to Windows XP, which I still think was the most
> user-friendly Windows (although 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10 is
> lightening-fast on a modern computer, which is a huge workflow plus).
> Per Corey's good advice, I kept the old Windows 7 master drive, in
> case I run into something very incompatible with Windows 10. But, now
> 2 weeks in, I have not found such an issue. Windows 10 look and feel
> is similar enough to Windows 7 that the 2 platforms can coexist just fine, in my experience.
> It's not like Windows 8, where they tried to reinvent the wheel. Even
> though W10 worked out fine for me, I think Corey's advice is good,
> especially for desktop computers (which usually present an easy job
> for drive-cloning software and use very standard innards). You never
> know if something you're running, either hardware, peripheral device
> or software, just won't work with W10 until you install it and use it.
> Now if only there was some varient of Magic Shell for the horrid new
> versions of Office, so I could have a user interface like I had
> mastered over 20 years of drop-down menus and control-key shortcuts.
> Tiles are for floors, not for efficient software!
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Wibdows 10?
> >I noticed in the separate string about "laptop upgrade" (really about
> >external small DAC's), that you, Richard Hess, said you have upgraded
> most
> > of your computers to Windows 10.  I have been hesitating to do that
> myself,
> > simply because things are working now the way they are, using
> > various
> other
> > Windows versions (except XP, which has now unfortunately left the
> building
> > for me, along with some great programs that I lost).  I don't want
> > to invite trouble, and as we all know, Microsoft is not really our friend.
> > And I have read somewhere online that Windows 10 has had a bug
> > involving hi-def audio files.
> >
> > But if you are using Windows 10 for audio work, Richard, and all is
> > going well, maybe I will do the free upgrades to Windows 10 on all
> > my
> computers.
> > Microsoft sure wants me to, with all the constant nagging upgrade
> > messages.  That in itself is almost a reason not to.
> >
> > How has your experience been with Windows 10?  Any problems?
> >
> > And others on the list?  Liking it?  Not liking it?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > John Haley
> >
> >