Oscar Peterson: Exclusively for My Friend

Label: MPS-Jazz 210325  Release Date: 11/13/2015  UPC: 4029759103257


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For the first time, the legendary recording sessions the Oscar Peterson Trio
made in the living room of the legendary German jazz label MPS founder Hans
Georg Brunner-Schwer are released in an 8 CD box set. The collection
combines six original releases with two collections of "Lost Tapes" released
here for the first time. Painstakingly re-mastered, the analog atmosphere of
the living room of the jazz-loving millionaire and record label owner is
made palpable with these sessions that showcase the genius of Peterson in a
rare performing environment. Included in the box set is a 60 page booklet
containing interviews with Brunner-Schwer's son Andreas and the music
journalist Siegfried Schmidt-Joos who provide first-hand insight into the
atmosphere in Brunner-Schwer's Black Forest villa.


Down Beat (3/93, p.43) - 5 Stars - Excellent - "...Peterson responded to the
setting, hospitality, and intimacy with what he would later describe as the
best recordings he had ever made...[he] controls his vast technique at all
times...simply brilliant..."

Musician (3/93, p.94) - "...the daunting improvs on standard melodies are
downright robust...the master's Tatumesque rococoisms are offset by some
Bud-like oomph, and thi set is all the more persuasive because of it..."


Personnel: Oscar Peterson (piano); Ray Brown, Sam Jones (bass); Ed Thigpen,
Bobby Durham, Louis Hayes (drums).

Recorded in George Brunner-Schwer's private studio in Villingen, Germany
between 1963 and 1968. Includes liner notes by Sigfried Schmidt-Joos and
Baldur Bockhoff.

EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY FRIENDS contains the 6 LPs Oscar Peterson recorded for
the German label MPS (Musik Produktion Schwarzwald). Three of the discs are
trio recordings and one is of solo piano. The set includes a 32-page booklet
with historic black and white photographs and a discography with pictures of
the original album covers.

Oscar Peterson has stated that he feels his MPS recordings are his finest.
That is quite a statement considering the huge amount of records that the
pianist has produced through the past 50 years. This four-CD set reissues
the music from six of his MPS LPs: Action, Girl Talk, The Way I Really Play,
My Favorite Instrument, Mellow Mood, and Travelin' On. While some of the
performances feature the 1963 trio he had with bassist Ray Brown and drummer
Ed Thigpen, most of the music dates from 1967-1968 and matches Peterson with
bassist Sam Jones and either Louis Hayes or Bobby Durham on drums. A special
treat is Peterson's first unaccompanied solo album, which fills up the final
CD. Peterson's many fans know what to expect in this set, while other
listeners need to discover him to realize what all of the fuss was about.
Quite simply, Oscar Peterson has long been one of the greatest pianists the
world has ever known; this reissue offers plenty of proof. ~ Scott Yanow





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