Hi, Chris,

No, you do not have to update to Windows 10. However, you might consider 
by making the decision not to do it before July that you have consigned 
the Acer notebook to the trash in 2020 when Microsoft pulls the plug on 
security updates.

I do not like using a Windows system that is not being updated for 
security vulnerabilities. If you can skate on that thin ice, keep using 
your computer until it completely falls apart.

I happen to LIKE Windows 10 and for me it solves the problem of Win 8.1 
being so different from Win 7 and a bit of a headache for some of the 
users I work with to use. Win 10 is more like Win 7 and not a completely 
different interface, just some neat new features semi-seamlessly 
integrated. For me, system robustness has improved with Windows 10 over 
Windows 7, but I'm using two displays and remote desktop on a daily basis.

If you wish to buy a new computer in 2010 or before, then just keep Win 
7. Since I support something like 20 computers (12 in my family, 8 
outside), I decided that doing them all before July 2016 made sense. It 
did not make sense to wait and spend money for the upgrade.

I was surprised how well W10 works even on a small notebook. We have a 
Dell with an Athalon II Neo K125 single-core processor with 8 GB of RAM 
and a 250 GB HD. W10 did quite well with it. I think it's faster now 
than with W7. I thought MS was going to tell me that it wasn't 
upgradable, but when it came back that I could upgrade it, I did.

Anyway, this started because I did not want to have to pay money to keep 
my desktops and laptops beyond 2020. I use five machines personally. I 
got into doing one laptop and since I was having stability issues with 
my main desktop, I decided after a month with the laptop just to go 
ahead and do it, as I was liking what I was seeing.

Everyone is different.



On 11/18/2015 5:46 AM, CJB wrote:
> Thank you everyone for your help, tip, and opinions. Huh - do I really
> need to upgrade to Win 10 anyway? Its the aggressive forcing of the
> issue that riles me. My little Acer notebook hasn't the capacity for a
> full blown Windows. I only have Win 7 Starter anyway. And my 250GB
> hard drive is full of video and audio files. There's no room for more
> bloat from MS.
> But the killer is the enforced updates. How dare MS dictate my
> lifestyle. Life is too  short. I only have a Three mobile dongle with
> a contract for 5GB a month. So updates I do at MacD's on free wifi and
> in my own time. I don't need MS stealing my small allowance. I have
> also removed all attempts to download Win 10. There's a couple of
> excellent sites at
> Now to better things. There's Audacity 2.1.1 to explore.
> Thanks again folks -
> Take care -
> Chris B.
> P.S. Just got Malwarebytes to removed 139 PUP files - great free trial
> of on-time monitoring. MS Security Essentials missed them all.
> On 18/11/2015, Corey Bailey <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I would guess by now that CJB has an answer to his question (and several
>> alternatives).
>> I would like to point out that one does not have to convert to Windows
>> 10 right away. Not now, not in your lifetime if you wish. For those
>> using Win-7, you can expect support from Microsoft for the next 5-6
>> years and, Win-7 will run just fine (unsupported) for years after that.
>> There is that annoying pop-up in Win-7 that reminds one to take
>> advantage of the free upgrade which will supposedly go away in July of
>> 2016. We'll see when next July comes around. What I did was to buy a
>> refurb HD, clone the OS, then install the cloned drive and do the Win-10
>> upgrade. When all was done, I reinstalled the original boot drive with
>> Win-7 and went back to work, storing the Win-10 drive for future use.
>> FYI:
>> My two ingest computers are running Win-XP and work just fine. The
>> laptop that I'm writing this email on, along with one of the other PC's
>> in our home are using XP and work just fine. And, (last but not least) a
>> surprising percentage of corporate America is still using Win-XP.
>> So, if you're an early adopter, go for it! If not, you can take your
>> sweet time.
>> Cheers,
>> Corey
>> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
>> On 11/17/2015 11:05 AM, TIMOTHY BABCOCK wrote:
>>> We at Penn State were wondering the same thing.  We were looking at paying
>>> for software and weighing options on purchasing new software or staying
>>> with free Audacity.
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>>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Audacity&  Windows 10
>>> Audacity is the music editing app. that I am most familiar with. I
>>> like it. It works.
>>> However with Microsoft's increasingly aggressive stance in forcing
>>> upgrades to Windows 10 I am concerned. I have heard that Audacity does
>>> not work with Win 10.
>>> Is this correct? What are possible work-arounds? Is there an
>>> alternative Audacity-like app.?
>>> Thanks - Chris B.
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