OK, this is really damning. Thanks Steve.

As a dues-paying ARSC member, I don't think non-members should be allowed to post on this list in 
the first place. And they (non-ARSC members) REALLY shouldn't be allowed to solicit business or seek 
enrichment from listmembers. I would make that a bootable offense if I controlled the list. Jay, 
create your own e-mail list of eligable buyers and advertise to them. Or, open your advertised price 
to all who receive your e-mails.

-- Tom Fine

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> I have  enjoyed the postings from Music Hunter for their musical content.
> I
> know they only sell to libraries.
> Jim Long
> Baroda,  MI
> According to ARSC statistics only 16 of the membership are "Institutions".
> The rest are private collectors, sound engineers or archivists.
> More than 40 % or more are not connected at all with an institution. Even
> though you do not have to be an ARSC member to post on ARSClist. (but we
> hope  you are a member), it would seem to me that "restrictive" offers should
> not be  posted.
> Jim,, I'm sure that Jay would be happy to add you to his sales list if you
> contact him direct. And any institution who wants to should contact him
> direct  to.
> I don't know Jay's reason for not offering his prices to ARSCList members -
> It's not really the general public.
> A quick look at the 2015 ARSC Member Directory shows that neither Jay, Nor
> "Music Hunter" is listed as a member. Jay, why not join? And, also, why not
> take  an ad in the ARSC Newsletter. You'll reach the targeted audience and
> MANY - are  not on ARSClist
> Steve Ramm
> ARSC Treasurer