If you have a Playstation 3 or newer you can get a YouTube app just like the
Netflix or Amazon Video apps, and watch on your big screen.
I'm not a gamer, but the PS3 is a damn good DVD player!  Does 3D too.

Ron Roscoe

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Today while looking for something on Youtube I found the most amazing
"channel". It'd the Library of Congress Channel and there are probably 1,000
videos there of FULL length lectures and concerts. If you have a Roku you
can watch on your larger screen TV. I found folk and classical music
concerts and  more. The highlight (that I'm looking forward to seeing) are
the annual ASCAP  "We write the songs" programs with songwriters from all
types of music. They  run over 2 hours and are in HD. I'll provide the link
for one for you to see.  Then you can click on the LOC channel and look for
others. When you find ones  you want to see, click on the button on left and
choose "watch Later" Anyway  this one is at top of my

And then I found this from four years ago - a presentation on Berliner by
Sam Brylawski!
_Emile Berliner &  the Birth of the Recording Industry - YouTube_
Steve Ramm