A recent Facebook post from Mark Ainley brought to my attention an item we can add to our list.

Debussy: En blanc et noir
George Copeland and Ray Sinatra
Victor, 1938 (unreleased)
Mvt. 1:
Mvt. 2:

I don't know if the work was recorded complete. Ray Sinatra was best known as arranger and conductor for Mario Lanza.


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Dear Colleagues,

I forward a question of one of my colleagues in the Institute of Musicology
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences):

Dear All,

I am working on an article dealing with Bartók and Pásztory two pianos
carrier, and I would like to compare their recordings (unfortunately there
are very few of them, and mainly fragments) with ones made by such famous
piano-duos as Bartlett and Robertson or Joseph and Rosina Lhevinne, who
were their contemporaries. I am interested in the recordings of the
following composition:

Mozart, Sonata for two pianos KV 448

Debussy, En blanc et noir.

Brahms, Sonata for two pianos op. 34b

and Liszt, Concerto Pathetic

I found some examples on the YouTube, in the case of Mozart there is a
recording by Joseph and Rosina Lhevinne, 1939 (YouTube), Regarding Debussy,
I found three recordings from this area: Bartlett & Robinson, 1941, Gaby &
Robert Casadesus, 1954 Genenviève Joy, Jaquelin Bonneau 1955. However, I’d
like to find something which was made earlier then 1950s. As for Brahms and
Liszt, unfortunately, I did not find anything which was recorded about that

I would be grateful for any information.

With Best Wishes,

Virág Büky

If you can help in her research with any information, please write to
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Many thanks in advance.

With best wishes,

Ferenc Szabó

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