Putting that 0.43% difference into perspectiveŠ

77.92 RPM to 78.26 RPM = 8 cents (0.08 semitones)

Itıs the difference between A440 (77.92 RPM) and A442 (78.26 RPM).

Generally, most people cannot hear a 4 cent difference in tone (A440 vs
Perhaps 10% can hear an 8 cent difference (A440 vs A442).
Perhaps 40% can hear a 12 cent difference (A440 vs A443).
Generally, 100% can hear a 20 cent difference (A440 vs A445).

And ³Third-ed²!  As John Haley said, "You have to deal with each record
as a thing [un]to itself."

~ Eric Jacobs

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>But 78 rpm is actually 78.26 rpm, so why is he using 77.92 rpm?  That's
>another 0.43% error.
>Ron Roscoe
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>Welcome to the wonderful world of 78's.  That's just how it is.  You have
>deal with each record as a thing to itself.
>John Haley
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>> I'm currently digitizing a series of Odeon 78 rpm discs of recordings
>> made in the early 1950s of one particular ensemble and I'm surprised
>> to find that while most discs render A=c440Hz when replayed at 78rpm
>> (77,92) certain exceptional examples deviate by 2% or more. Can anyone
>> suggest a likely cause? In some cases, discs ostensibly recorded on
>> the same day whose two sides bear consecutive matrices, even differ
>> from each other.
>> More puzzling still are a couple of discs where the pitch drops
>> gradually by around a quarter of a tone (roughly 3%) during playback
>> of the side. If anyone can suggest the likely or possible cause of
>> this, I'd be delighted to read about it.
>> Many thanks