Ching-Hsien asked:

>We use Marc to catalog many archival materials which contain many
>Genre/Form headings that is not on the list.  How should we handle
>those?  Any suggestions?

If there is no suitable term in LCGFT,  we use a term from LCSH, coded
655  0 as opposed to 655  7 $2lcgft.  The coding 655  7 2lcsh has
been outdated since the extension of 65X indicators to 655.

Of course 006 and 007 can be used to code characteristics not covered by
LDR and 008, but not all ILS make use of them in searching, but some
do base icons on them.  we find the 655 to be the most universally
understood and indexed.

What use ILS will make of IRIs is yet to be known.

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