Simon said:

>In regards to the original issue,  genre and form are logically distinct
>concepts,  and it is not advisable to conflate the two.  Genre is an
>attribute of the content of a work; form is most often an attribute of the
>carrier or medium.

Fine if Bibframe makes this distinction.  I am not sure if most
patrons do.  I assume it is too late in the lifespan of MARC to
propose 652 for form?  And how many ILS would add a form index to
genre?  Not all even have separate subject and genre indexes.  

What about genre terms such as "Video recordings for ...", several of
which are in LCGFT. Aren't those form as much as "Electronic books"?   
LCGFT does not make the distinction you are making.  Would you
advocate coding LCGFT terms to indicate which they are should Bibframe
have that distinction?

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