The most recent publishing thinking on FRBR Item (and Manifestation) in
relation to digital content can be found in Le Boeuf's paper presented at
IFLA 2015:

See the discussion in Section 2.3 on page 10. Patrick is one of the authors
of the FRBR extension (FRBRoo) to the CIDOC-CRM.

Basically, neither Item nor Manifestation are necessary for the description
of an online resource.



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>Doesn't a FRBR notion of "item" depend on the possibility of someone in 
>history saying "ouch" when that physical material drops on their foot?

While SLC catalogues e-books which have a print version, much of SLC's work
today is creating MARC records for digital items which never had, nor will
ever have, a physical form which could be dropped on one's foot.

Some seem to feel that the physical precedes the digital.  That is often not
the case.  Most thesis begin as digital, and the print-out is from that
electronic form.  Rip-off publishers are now issuing Wikipedia articles in
print form.  In both these cases, the digital proceeded the print.

If  FRBR "item" assumes a physical form, it is *way* out of date.

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