Great question. Linked data certainly works better with more atomic things. 

There are arguments made that there is semantics in the order of pre-coordinated headings. If that’s truly the case, then the whole of the pre-coordinated heading refers to a distinct concept/entity and should have its own URI. Still, it’s been my experience that any semantics in the order of pre-coordinated heading is lost because of inconsistent application of that order. The URIs for the subdivisions are most useful as a heading maintenance strategy (when we need to update the subdivision label), not necessarily for something to point to on their own as concepts. 

Re: the Poetry URI discussion, If we’re talking about concepts like Poetry, it would be best if they were SKOS concepts that could be referred to in multiple scenarios; the general concept of Poetry as the genre of a work or the subject of the work (*of* Poetry *or* about Poetry, *but* still Poetry). This would be much like when we refer to the same Person with different relationships to Works (*by* or *about* a person). We don’t need different entities if we’re talking about the same thing.

Also, It doesn’t make a lot of sense in linked data to say things only exist as subjects. Any thing can be the subject of a work, but it can be discussed differently in other scenarios.


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This makes me wonder if/how the notion of "subdivision" transitions to a linked data universe. Do they factor out?

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Please note also that the URI is for the LCSH form subdivision authority record, not the LCSH heading Poetry.  The URI for that is   It would still be best to use the record from LCGFT for a form/genre term.  


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Nancy - I take your point, but strictly speaking, If you dereference the URI:
(and note that the example has a slight error, the .html should have been omitted)
and get RDF returned:

note that it is a madsrdf:GenreForm. (As opposed to a madsrdf:Topic. MADS doesn't know about subjects --topics, but not subjects).

Granted, the URI:
makes it seem to be a subject.


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> A short comment on Example 4 of Categories.
> It would make more sense here to use the URI for the genre/form term from
> LCGFT (the genre/form thesaurus), rather than the subject heading URL from
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