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The announcement below has been posted to the RSC website.

Regards, Judy Kuhagen
Secretary, RDA Steering Committee

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On Friday 6th November 2015, the first step in implementing the recent review of the RDA Governance Model was taken with the launch of the new governance branding.

At a reception, which followed the Joint Steering Committee meeting in Edinburgh, the names of the Committee of Principals and Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA changed to the RDA Board and RDA Steering Committee (RSC).

Chair of the RDA Board, Simon Edwards, said “This first step in the implementation of the Governance Review is an important one. It signals an important step in our commitment to further internationalise RDA. This year’s Joint Steering Committee meeting was an ideal opportunity to launch the new branding as the location of the meeting has attracted representatives from a range of European countries who have come to observe the meeting and attend other satellite events. The location and range of satellite events further demonstrates our commitment to moving the meeting around and using the opportunity to engage with the wider community.”

The RDA Board has agreed a 4-5 year programme of activity to enable the current structure to move, over time, towards the new governing structure. The key principles governing the transition include:

The reception also included the launch of the rebranded RDA Steering Committee website which can be accessed at www.rda-rsc.org. The website also includes information about the RDA Board.