Please mark your calendars for the next CaMMS Forum to be held at the ALA
Midwinter Meeting in Boston.

*CaMMS Forum: “Authority Work of the Future: Taking Controlled Vocabulary
and Authority Control Beyond the Library Catalog"*
*Sunday January 10, 2016 from 1:00-2:30 pm *
*Location TBA*

*Registering UCLA’s Researchers: Library Authority Data in a New Realm*
Sharon Shafer, Head of Library Search and Usability, University of
California Los Angeles
John Riemer, Head, Cataloging & Metadata Center, University of California
Los Angeles

UCLA is taking a systematic approach to obtaining an ORCID for each
researcher on campus, to facilitate harvesting of citations of scholarly
output and to achieve other anticipated benefits.   A combined strategy
involves asking researchers to register themselves and following up with
batch assignments of ORCIDs.  This project is part of a larger effort to
create a new faculty information system on campus (the Opus project).   The
past several years of planning and organizing these projects has prompted a
lot of thinking about how library authority data could be put to new uses,
for new constituents totally outside the library.  Those within the library
can serve as authority data advocates as they identify new data
combinations and sources to achieve new benefits.

*Practical Applications of Linked Data Concepts at Rice University's
Fondren Library*
Amber Seely, Database & Metadata Management Coordinator, Rice University
Scott Carlson, Metadata Coordinator, Rice University

For years, librarians have heard about the impending arrival of Linked
Data, but it is often information in the abstract. For some librarians, the
nature of Linked Data provokes feelings of helplessness, as there seem to
be few practical examples or strategies libraries can take on to prepare
staff member and catalogs for future Linked Data environments. This
presentation will detail the practical projects currently underway at Rice
University’s Fondren Library to prepare for such a future linked data
environment. Amber Seely, Database & Metadata Management Coordinator, will
discuss an ongoing plan to embed Library of Congress name authority record
URIs into new and existing catalog records using subfield 0, originally a
space to deposit authority record control numbers. Scott Carlson, Metadata
Coordinator, will discuss the transformation of a locally-created thesaurus
of over 3,000 names and subject headings into a SKOS-RDF environment, which
is then used to automatically verify digital collections metadata. The
presentation will finish with the speakers discussing their newest project:
a publicly-searchable headings database.

See you there!


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*Shana L. McDanold*
Unit Head, Metadata Services
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