BIBFRAME 1.0 has been stable for more than a year now. We have intentionally kept it stable so that implementers could experiment with it and so that we could learn from discussion and consultation the issues of the vocabulary and how it might be improved.  We at LC implemented a pilot that is ongoing now using the 1.0 vocabulary – an exercise that also gave us “feedback”.


Then several months ago, LC started posting for review proposed changes to the BIBFRAME vocabulary in preparation for its redevelopment as BIBFRAME 2.0.  The change proposals were prepared after reviewing the comments received on the listserv over the last year and comments from invited experts – along with dealing with our own implementation experiences.  Discussion of these proposals and consultations proved quite fruitful and helped significantly in the development of the draft 2.0 specification.   We thank you all for your comments and advice.


We are referring to the current vocabulary in use as BIBFRAME 1.0 and the developing draft vocabulary as BIBFRAME 2.0.  There are seven “draft specifications” (targeted at different components of the vocabulary) posted at . Specifically:


Agents and Roles 



Identifiers and Notes

Administrative Metadata


We invite comment and discussion on these draft specifications.  Working from these specs, we hope to have BIBFRAME 2.0 in place soon, hopefully by early January.



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