NLS Operations Alert 15-98


DATE                     :  November 25, 2015

TO                          :  Network Libraries

FROM                   :  Robert Axtell, Head, Bibliographic Control Section

SUBJECT               :  MARC records to post twice a month


The two sets of MARC records that correspond to copy allotment will now be posted on the Network Services website twice per month instead of once per month. To access the records, log in to the Network Services website (, then select Download Bibliographic Records.


The naming convention for the brief MARC record has been tweaked to accommodate the twice-monthly posting. The current brief MARC record set is named PICSCUR.TEX. When it is replaced for the first time in December it will be renamed PIC1511B.TEX to correspond with the copy allotment cycle it corresponds with, i.e., the second November copy allotment cycle. When PICSCUR is updated again in December, the file will be renamed PIC1512A.TEX. The first time it is updated in January, it will be named PIC1512B.TEX, and so on.


The full MARC set containing records for titles in the copy allotment batch has been posted and named NewMARCRecords15November2015. Subsequent sets will be named in that pattern (NewMARCRecords1December2015, NewMARCRecords15December2015, etc.).


For more information contact:

Robert Axtell

Head, Bibliographic Control Section

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