Adam and Fuji,

Thanks for checking that out! My finding from doing that program was that
Sulieman was a **great** bop player and pioneer that just didn't record
very much,
at least in the US market. So much attention goes to Bird and Diz that guys
like him get shunted to the side.

This should be of interest to anyone who has used WCBN's Playlist Database:
WCBN has revamped its website lately, and till now one was able to access
data about WCBN programming going back ten years or so. Now you need an ID
to access it, and I'm not sure that the legacy information is still there
-- I
have asked a friend at WCBN to look it for me. A pity, if it is gone.


Uncle Dave Lewis
Hamilton, OH

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> I'm enjoying!
> Thanks a lot for uploading this.
> Fuji
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Idrees Sulieman Tribute
> Lately I have reactivated my long dormant podcast and tonight posted a show
> that I am particularly proud of, a tribute to jazz trumpeter Idrees
> Sulieman
> which aired on WCBN Ann Arbor the day after he died in 2002.
> I hope those who are interested will enjoy it!
> best,
> David N. Lewis
> Hamilton, OH