Two ways to do this:

1. during recording, at the times between songs, hit the M key, which puts a marker in the file. 
After doing all your processing, delete the green region (should be one region for the file). Put 
the cursor at the very beginning of the file. Hit the M key, put a marker there. Do the same at the 
very end of the file. Make sure none of your markers are doubled up (one way to do this is save the 
file, then make sure all the marker numbers are sequential). SPECIAL menu > Regions List> Markers to 
Regions. You will now end up with green region marks around each cut from the cassette side. TOOLS 
menu > Extract Regions. Do the dialog box right, and it will save each region as a separate file.

2. if you haven't marked off the "silence" between cuts (there is no silence on a cassette), then do 
so after you've processed and saved the file. From there, follow above to delete the original 
file-sized region, insert markers at the head and tail, convert markers to regions and extract 

If you want to get fancy, right-click the region numbers and choose RENAME to put in the actual 
track name. The extracted files will now be saved under those names. I name these with the track 
number, ie 01-Start Me Up, so the resulting file would be 01-Start Me Up.wav.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] separating tracks using Sound Forge 9 or 11.

Greetings all

Does anyone out there use Sound Forge?
I have to digitalize many cassettes and LPs.
When they're finished copying, I'll need to separate the individual tracks so I can make a CD where 
you can choose which individual track you want to hear.
Right now, I do it manually (highlight, cut, paste and save).
Is there a feature which will do it all automatically by sensing a moment of pure silence and 
cutting and pasting automatically?
That would surely be an enormous time saver for me.

Can anyone help me there?

Ben Roth
Recorded Sound Archives
Florida Atlantic University