Hi All,

Now that the Metadata "can-of-worms" has been opened up:

I would love to read about everyone's favorite Metadata editor and why.

The favorite editors need to be able to work with /ALL /types of audio 


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 12/15/2015 2:25 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Richard:
> Metadata is the on-going struggle. For the past couple of years, I 
> make very sure to get the metadata right at the time of ripping, which 
> involves not only correcting all the stupid errors that come from 
> group-sourced, poorly-edited stuff like Gracenote and freedb, but also 
> fixing things after ripping, using Tag&Rename. It's worth it to me to 
> have things like a song's year of original release right, so I put in 
> the effort. Fixing the metadata at time of rip is equally easy 
> although not exactly the same in either Exact Audio Copy or dBPowerAmp 
> CD Ripper (which I prefer, for a number of reasons). AccurateRip, 
> available with both, is evolving into a superb quality control tool. 
> Due to the built-in user feedback, it gets better on every rip of 
> every user, and I'm happy to share data with it in order to get the 
> benefit of knowing that I've got that CD into my hard drive without 
> audible errors.
> Unfortunately, most of the CDs I ripped prior to a couple of years 
> ago, I didn't pay as close attention to metadata, so I have a nice 
> long on-going project of fixing all of this. I also have to spend some 
> time with Tag&Rename every time I download HDTracks files, because 
> they are using the same sloppy and inconsistent metadata that the 
> record companies grab and then provide Amazon and HDTracks and 
> everyone else. I think I mentioned this before, but at least one very 
> large record company has a policy not to accept CD masters with CDText 
> metadata, so they by policy choice completely cede all metadata 
> control to outsiders. I think the other very large company doesn't 
> encourage CDText, but also doesn't refuse a master with it.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> I agree with Tom! RIPPING the CD with something like Exact Audio Copy 
>> is actually safer as you know you've got errors (or not) whereas if 
>> you stream the audio, you don't know without listening.
>> Anyway, it was a LOT of work and not all the metadata is correct, but 
>> it's close enough and for me to have my 1200 favourite recordings at 
>> my fingertips, it was worth it to me.
>> Cheers,
>> Richard
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