Hi, Ben,

I only really know two audio programs, though I have used a few others. 
The two that I know are Samplitude (and therefore most of the features 
of the higher-end Sequoia) and iZotope RX 5 Advanced.

In Samplitude this is a no-brainer. Samplitude works in Virtual Projects 
(VIPs) where the timeline is a separate file from the audio WAV file. 
You can set up, for example, a four (stereo) track VIP and record in 
four cassettes at the same time. This, of course, assumes that you have 
four cassette machines.

Then you need to create four separate VIPs (one for each cassette) and 
bring the WAV file into it. Then, there is an option to select how 
"silence" is defined and acted upon. Please see a screenshot of the 
appropriate window.

 From there, you can select on the Export window that you make a file 
for each marked track separately. You can also name the tracks and that 
becomes the filename with or without an optional numeric prefix (the 
track number). The export can be WAV or MP3 or several other formats, 
including FLAC, I believe.

I hate to suggest that you change DAW software, but I got into 
Samplitude in 1998 or so and kept upgrading. When I bought WaveLab6, I 
was most disappointed on almost every front comparing it to Samplitude 
and I never bothered to update it. I needed it for a project as the 
client couldn't open BWF files created in Samplitude. It turns out to 
have been subtle errors in both programs, but Wavelab was the only DAW 
that couldn't open the files. It was fixed in a subsequent ver 6 update.

The version comparison of the three Magix Audio pro products is here:

You are lucky! The price of the Samplitude product line has dropped 
about 40 % recently.

I use the suite, but the restoration products, while good, are not as 
good as iZotope RX5 Advanced ($1200, sometimes on sale for $1000 and 
also as part of a bundle, but it's not good for the editing task that 
you suggest).

On 12/14/2015 11:31 AM, James Roth wrote:
> Greetings all
> Does anyone out there use Sound Forge?
> I have to digitalize many cassettes and LPs.
> When they're finished copying, I'll need to separate the individual tracks so I can make a CD where you can choose which individual track you want to hear.
> Right now, I do it manually (highlight, cut, paste and save).
> Is there a feature which will do it all automatically by sensing a moment of pure silence and cutting and pasting automatically?
> That would surely be an enormous time saver for me.
> Can anyone help me there?
> Regards,
> Ben Roth
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> Florida Atlantic University
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