Dave, this is interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Did you or anyone connected with the King Records history get a chance to interview former King 
engineer Lee Hazen before Lee's stroke? If not, someone should comb through the Ampex List archives 
and gather up Lee's posts where he talks about his time with King. The Ampex list is going off-air 
next August, so someone should harvest soon if they want these posts.

-- Tom Fine

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>I usually work as a WVXU commentator and I was surprised when they asked to
> interview me about the ARSC Chapter I'm trying to start,
> about the series of public library talks that I have been presenting, etc.
> I hoped to represent the organization in the best light and to get
> interested persons in the door. So forgive me if I got anything wrong.
> best,
> Dave Lewis
> Hamilton, OH