I am wondering if any ARSC Listers have had a very good experience with a Technics restoration tech. 
I need one of my 1520 decks completely checked over and fixed back to factory spec, mechanics and 
electronics. I'll send the headblock out to John French. I need someone reliable and expert, 
preferably in the greater metro NYC area. These decks are complex and somewhat finicky to get back 
to factory spec. This one was ill-adjusted by someone. Its mechanics are worn but functional, but 
the electronics are definitely out of whack. I'd want to tensions and brakes especially looked 
after, they seem wrong.

Also, does anyone know a good source for refurb'ing Technics pinchrollers?

Thanks in advance for useful tips/references.

Just to be clear, I'm not seeking some kind of "audiophile" modifications or "re-skinning" 
cosmetics -- I want someone factory-trained to work on these things to restore this to original 
working condition.

-- Tom Fine