Found on a yard-sale reel, two extended airchecks, one definitely from 1967 and one likely from the 
same time period. Recorded 1/4-track mono (yuk), so not the greatest fidelity, but certainly well 

WRVR-FM, then owned by Riverside Church. Part of a Just Music program featuring keyboard music, in 
this case harpsichord music by Sylvia Marlowe and organ music by Albert Schweitzer (I can't tell for 
sure, but that Mendelssohn piece may have been recorded by my father, in Schweitzer's home church in 
France, in 1952, later released by Columbia).

WQXR-FM, then owned by the NY Times, I think. Cuts in partway through the second annual Young 
Artists Competition, featuring piano players.

Interesting sidenote - WRVR used to play old radio shows in the evening. My brothers and I taped 
many of them to cassette off-air and in fact this was my introduction to OTR. I well remember 
fiddling with the finicky tuning control on the old Scott tube FM tuner, trying to get the least 
noisy signal out in the 'burbs.

-- Tom Fine