Hi, Tom,

Many others who have heard the examples that I put up disagree with you. 
Perhaps we should let Dave Radlauer make his own decision.

Turn off everything other than the Dolby.



On 12/14/2015 4:19 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Dave:
> I recall that someone put up sound samples and the software "decode" was
> rife with artifacts and not ready for primetime. Best solution -- get a
> working Dolby decoder or get someone with a working Dolby decoder to
> transfer the tape.
> I also recall a bunch of discussion about why a Dolby emulator would be
> very difficult, because you need to align a Dolby-encoded tape and then
> set Dolby levels, preferably with the Dolby tones. My experience is,
> there's a little bit of leeway, but you very quickly get into a screwy
> top end if things aren't close to aligned. This means azimuth and Dolby
> level.
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