Hi Richard:

I have no idea what a "jumbo" is, much less how wide they were in Opelika. I think what you're 
saying is, there is no guarantee of any consistency or honesty coming out of the Ampex plant.

I think there was less Scotch 226/227 ever made than 406/456/407/457, but it would be interesting to 
know if anyone ever encountered the same thing that Marie did with from-the-factory cases of Scotch 
sticky-shed tapes. Also, why do some people, I think Shai Drori is one of them, have problems with 
Scotch 206 going sticky, while many other people don't? One thing I was wondering, was the tape Shai 
had problems with made at a Scotch plant outside the US? If so, perhaps they had to use different 
chemicals there, but then why is Shai the only person I've heard of who reports frequent sticky 
problems with Scotch 206? These kinds of data points, from trusted transfer engineers, make me 
wonder if there is anything approaching a clear understanding of why tapes go sticky-shed? After all 
this time and all the experiences many of us have had, it still seems somewhat unpredictable.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom, what you describe is the theory. I have heard rumours that was not the case in Opelika. Cases 
> were filled with reels when needed. I suspect that bulk packs were perhaps a bit more likely to be 
> all the same batch.
> How wide were the jumbos in Opelika?
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 12/17/2015 9:27 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> I thought the numbers on the box and on the stickers box indicated batch
>> numbers and dates of manufacture, indicating that all pancakes in the
>> box were from that batch and date. At least that's how I always
>> understood 3M and Ampex boxes.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>> Tom, is it a documented fact that all (12) rolls (reels or pancakes) of
>> tape in a box would be from the same manufacturing/slurry batch? I never
>> looked, but it would not surprise me if there were different
>> manufacturing runs on the same delivery carton…
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>> On Dec 17, 2015, at 4:38 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Hi Marie:
>>> This is very strange:
>>>> I have also had reels of Ampex 456 come out of the same box of 10 or
>>>> 20 and
>>>> purchased at the same time where 1/2 have SSS and the rest are fine!
>>> I've never heard of that from anyone else. That would almost seem to
>>> defy all theories of what causes sticky-shed, because one would assume
>>> by a "box" of tapes you mean a real-deal Ampex case with a batch
>>> number on it. If that's so, it's really freaky that some tapes in the
>>> same batch (which I think means the same production run of the
>>> chemical slurry) would get sticky-shed and others wouldn't.
>>> I'm not doubting your testimony at all, just saying that is calls into
>>> question what is believed to be the cause of sticky-shed, in that I
>>> can't see how the binder chemistry could differ within a batch.
> -- 
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