Here is something from Billboard magazine about the deal with American
Book Company and Decca Records. Sorry about the long link, hope it gets
you there and maybe another piece for your puzzle.


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>Dear All;
>I am looking for any available info on what was apparently an independent
>educational record label in the 1950's called "Audio Education, Inc."
> There is a current software company with that name in Illinois, but that
>was founded in 1990 so is undoubtedly unrelated.
>The company appears to have created records for use in classrooms.  There
>are a handful of the company's educational records shown on Discog's, and
>two are shown for sale on Ebay.  I know that at least some of their
>releases, on 78's, were pressed by American Decca.
>Does anyone know what happened to this company?
>John Haley