Hi ARSC, I've been working for several years to get old record collectors'
magazines online. So far, I've posted complete runs of Record Research,
Victrola and 78 Journal, and 78 Quarterly. The files have been uploaded to, but I've represented them more clearly (I hope) here -

I'm currently working on Antique Phonograph Monthly and New Amberola
Graphic. Allen Koenigsberg, editor of APM, has agreed to distribute scans if
I can track down copies of each issue. I've got about 80% (Vol. 1-7), but
still need Vol. 8-11 (the later volumes were fewer issues each). Please get
in touch if you have these and would be willing to lend them to me for this
project or send me scans. In the meantime, I've got an index here -

I've got a bit more than half of the published issues of New Amberola
Graphic online already. You can see which issues I do and don't have here - Again, please let
me know if you can contribute.

I thought I'd also mention a few other publications of this sort that are
already online. The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society sell a
CD of scans of Hillandale News on their site for 50 - The Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
offer back issues of Antique Phonograph News for free to members or sale to
non-members: The Antique Phonograph
Society (previously 'CAPS' and 'MAPS') will begin offering back issues of
The Sound Box in 2016, and will likely extend this to In The Groove soon after.

I think I'll take on Talking Machine Review (UK, 1969-1996) if/when I
complete APM & NAG. If anyone here knows who I might contact about
permission, or has got copies or scans to contribute, please get in touch.