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I'm writing from the PBS history series American Experience. We are working on a film about the 1936 Olympic Gold Medal rowing team from the University of Washington and also featured in the book "The Boys in the Boat." We are looking for radio recordings of the races the UW Crew team participated in from 1934 through 1936. The LOC has already provided us the radio coverage of the Olympic race. I have a long list below describing the races we are looking for copies of the radio coverage. Some of the detail information was provided by the LOC and Marist College. If anyone has an idea of where we might be able to find the audio files of these races we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Best – Pam Gaudiano (sorry this is a long email)

Rowing Races Radio Coverage 1934 – 1936


April 13 Pacific Coast Regatta of 1934 - First Freshman Race (our boys boat) - Lake Washington, Seattle - The freshmen defeat California


June 16th, 1934 Saturday, Poughkeepsie, Intercollegiate Rowing Association Annual Regatta  - Freshman Eight-Oared Shells - 4:30 pm - Two Miles

Order of Finish:1. Washington, 2. Syracuse, 3. Cornell

WJZ 760 (New York) covered the regatta at 7:15pm with a program called "Description Poughkeepsie Regatta on Hudson River; Crews of Columbia, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Syracuse, California and Washington Universities and U. S. Naval Academy."  It was also broadcast at 7:30pm on WABC.(WJZ 760 later became a WABC station)

Graham McNamee covered the regatta and he worked primarily for WEAF (New York), which later became WNBC (it may be WNBC or WEAF covering the regatta that year.)


April 13, 1935 -  Pacific Coast Regatta, Oakland Estuary, CA

The JV's (our boys) led their race from the outset and won by six lengths


April 18, 1935 the city of Seattle held its version of a ticker-tape parade. The Washington Athletic Club on Union Street held a special luncheon - Sports writer Royal Brougham was the master of ceremonies and the proceedings were broadcast live on the radio.


June 18th, 1935, Poughkeepsie, Intercollegiate Rowing Association Annual Regatta - Junior Varsity Eight-Oared Shells - 5pm - Three Miles

Order of Finish: 1. Washington, 2. Navy, 3. Cornell

Sports Writer Royal Brougham called the race for NBC

WEAF 660 (New York) covered the regatta with the program, "Description Poughkeepsie Regatta" at 7pm (these recordings should be part of the same collection as the Graham McNamee coverage in 1934).  This was jointly covered by NBC (most likely WEAF) and KECA (Los Angeles) with Graham McNamee representing NBC and Ford Bond representing KECA at 3:15pm (I think this was 3:15pm Pacific Time as I retrieved this information from the Los Angeles Times).


April 18th, 1936 Pacific Coast Regatta - on Lake Washington, Seattle.The Varsity crew (our boys) finished the sweep with a three length victory over California.

NBC broadcast of the varsity race on KOMO Seattle

“At 4:15pm the NBC Red Network went on the air with coast-to-coast pre-race coverage.”


June 22th, 1936, Poughkeepsie, Intercollegiate Rowing Association Annual Regatta  - Varsity Eight-Oared Shells - 7pm pm - Four Miles. Order of Finish:1. Washington, 2. California, 3. Navy

WOR 710 (New York) presented a program at 8pm entitled "Description, Poughkeepsie Regatta; Crews Representing Navy, Columbia, Cornell, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, California and Washington."
There was also coverage by KHJ a CBS station based in Los Angeles, with Royal Brougham announcing at 8pm.


July 5, 1936 (the Olympic Trials) UW Huskies win at Lake Carnegie at Princeton NJ

Crews in the race: University of Washington, Pennsylvania Club Crew, New York Club Crew, and California

Royal Brougham broadcast the race live to fifty stations around the country on the CBS network.

It aired on Station WJZ on July 5, 1936 from 5:00 – 5:23 pm.

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