Tom Fine:

>My overall point is, I think there are still a lot of assumptions made about sticky-shed, which 
>aren't proven and may not be true. The only thing that does seem to be true is that a sticky tape 
>can be baked and it will playback in a mechanically successful manner. 

Yes, absolutely.

>As I've said, my experience is that the audio deteriorates after a 
>handful of bakes, but others disagree and I think we all 
>admit we haven't done rigorous science on that.


I have done some testing, yes.

What happens after each baking cycle is that the AM distortion increases.

I use the Altair T2DSTape / Transport diagnostic system as designed by Dale Manquen to verify this.

This box can measure both scrape flutter wideband to 5 kHz, FM, and AM components too.

Also the increase of the AM distortion can be easily seen on the 12.5 kHz tone on the oscilloscope directly where the AM increase on each heating/baking pass becomes more and more unstable making the picture become very fuzzy indeed due to the AM modulation.

So no surprises here.


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