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Karen asked:

... what do you do about >relationships between bibliographic
"things" when not all of those things are in your catalog?
This reminds me what small libraries say to us when they ask us to
remove uniform titles in the original language of the work.  They say
they do not have the work in the original language, and the uniform
title confuses their patrons.  They prefer it in 730 for access.

It seems to me AACR2/RDA/MARC21 and Bibframe as being so far discussed
are based on cataloguing into the bibliographic universe, as opposed
to individual catalogues with their differing user needs.

Thanks for saying this. I've often thought this myself, but as a non-cataloger I didn't trust my instinct on this.
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If linked data happens, I wonder how this would affect library needs,
e.g., having "(Fictional character)" consistently applied, avoiding
uniform titles not found on the item apart from Shakespeare and
classical music?

Should alternatives for small collections be explicitly stated?

I absolutely agree. We need lots of different alternatives, of which small collections (or even large-ish but general collections) are one. The "one size fits all" just doesn't work.

Fortunately, we do have the concept of profiles (or "application profiles" as some call them), although it isn't fully developed yet. Profiles could allow a library to say what data they do want for their catalog. But that means that we need to think through the use cases and make sure that the data can fulfill them. In fact, I think that our entire approach should be more "use case" oriented, and your experience with different kinds of libraries is very valuable for that.


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