Dear Safwa Bedair,

We hope that you’re having a lot of success with your project to translate DACS to Arabic. DACS has moved to a constant revision cycle, which means that there will be no point at which all revisions are completed. To help keep track of changes (which may help assist with your efforts), we are working toward using revisioning software, specifically Github. This will make it easy to know which changes were implemented, when, and will assist with the creation of a running list of changes over time.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with further questions about DACS.

Best wishes,
Maureen Callahan
Co-chair, TS-DACS

On Dec 16, 2015, at 10:41 AM, Safwa Bedair <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:

Dear Hillel
           I received your notification,but i hope you give me an advice concerning my work. I have almost finished the arabization of DACS and i was planing to publish it recently, or should i wait until all revisions are completed.

Thanks for your help.

Safwa Bedair
Lecturer at Cairo University, Faculty of Arts,
Libraries,Documents & Information Departement

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015 11:33 PM, Hillel Arnold <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:

The Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (TS-DACS) has received a revision proposal to remove reference to a potential "companion website” from the DACS Preface. The change proposal and a comment form are available at

Community feedback is a critical element to standards review and TS-DACS strongly encourages you to participate by reviewing the change proposal and sending us your feedback. Feedback will be accepted through Friday January 29th, 2016.

Hillel Arnold
Lead Digital Archivist
Rockefeller Archive Center