NLS Operations Alert


No. 15-105


TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Michael Katzmann, Chief, Material Development Division

SUBJECT   :    Braille labels for digital talking-book cartridges



Many network libraries emboss braille labels for digital talking-book cartridges and their containers. The dot and character spacing on NLS cartridges is smaller than the Braille Authority of North America standard in order to accommodate an additional row of braille.


The only embosser capable of embossing the compressed format has been the Romeo Pro LE by Enabling Technologies. However, Enabling Technologies has ceased production of this device. A new model of the company’s Phoenix embosser, the 70-PX-0000 Phoenix Braille and Graphic Embosser—NLS, is capable of embossing with the compressed spacing used for NLS labels.


Enabling Technologies has informed NLS that the price of this printer, currently $4,885 (plus $95 shipping), will rise to $5,995 on January 1, 2016.


The Phoenix-NLS embosser is not compatible with the current version of the NLS Print/Braille Label (PBL) software, but is compatible with the DTB Label Composer software (version 1.3.1 and later). NLS will be modifying the PBL software to make it function with the Phoenix-NLS embosser.


For more information contact:

Michael Katzmann

Chief, Materials Development Division

NLS/BPH Library of Congress

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