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The book in hand has title: Commentary on the Song of awakening. OCLC 905879353.  Can someone with expert knowledge of Chinese and/or Zen Buddhism please confirm that "Zheng dao ge" continues to be an appropriate work title?  And if so, that it should continue to be appended to: Xuanjue, ǂd -713. Five other name-title NARs are in the NAF, all with languages appended.   RDA has instruction under Works of Uncertain or Unknown Origin.  However, a keyword search in the RDA Quick Search dialog box with terms "supposed" and "putative" did not retrieve pertinent results.


Wikipedia, viewed November 26, 2015, has under Song of Enlightenment (traditional Chinese: 證道歌; simplified Chinese: 证道歌; pinyin: Zhèngdào gē; Wade-Giles: Cheng-dao ke; Japanese: Shōdōka; Korean: 증도가; literally: "prove Way song"), also translated as Song of Awakening and Song of Freedom, is a Zen discourse written some time in the first half of the 8th century C.E. and usually attributed to Yongjia Xuanjue. The true authorship of the work is a matter of debate, with a number of elements in the writing suggesting either the text has been substantially changed over time or Yongjia was an unlikely author) 


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