The last time I looked (admittedly some time ago), the RDA in NACO training videos were streaming RealMedia files (.rm).






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Is this an MP4 file? Then you indeed should be able to play it on something other than realplayer. At the moment RealPlayer is your default setting. This is an MS Windows “problem” and not an LC problem.


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Subject: [PCCLIST] Why use RealPlayer???


I was going to watch an LC video on RDA authorities and it required RealPlayer. It is free, BUT it comes with a lot of attached programs, such as Speedupmypc, etc.  The program is huge.  Why do we have to use RealPlayer.  Why can't it play on media players, such as Microsoft Media Player?  Why are we stuck with RealPlayer.  I downloaded it and got all these attached apps and adverts.

Can't LC be a bit more flexible here???


Gene Fieg

Cataloger, Ret'd

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