I don't have many sources at my disposal at this moment, but these are not new topics, so I believe one could establish sufficient literary merit and identifable reference sources to establish agender and genderqueer/non-binary identified people as distinct groups worthy of their own subject headings. 



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I agree with you, Pete, particularly your second sentence.


It’s not too narrow or too broad, but a shift in a slightly different direction, rather like “asexual” these days, it seems to me.


Seems to me, also, that, also like “asexuality,” it’s an interesting refusal of the intense and rigid gendering and sexualizing of everything.





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I’m definitely using that as a subject heading also, but I think “Transgender people” is not too narrow—if anything, it’s too broad.  The video is not really about the two “traditional” genders, or even people who move definitively from one to the other, but the space between the two.


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Honestly, I think from your title that Agender and Transgender may be too narrow. I think I would just go with Gender identity as a subject heading.


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Hey, would anyone like to take a task I’m sloughing off?


I’m cataloging a video called “Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders.”  As you can probably see, it’s about people who identify as neither male nor female (or maybe both, but the distinction seems subtle).


There’s really not a good heading for this sort of identity, though “Transgender people” comes pretty close.  But if this identity is not separate from “transgender,” it is at least a special case of that.


I don’t think I have the time to research a subject heading proposal for “Agender people,” which is the best I can come up with (thanks to a friend).  Such a thing would need some good vetting. 


But if anyone would like to fill this gap that I perceive, I’d sure urge you on.


I’d also like to know if there has been any judgment by LC that “Transgender people” will do for these folks.




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