Happy New Year, everyone.

A fellow Cornell Library employee just asked me what I might know the  
type of disks they just found a stack of in a box of archival  
submissions (french lessons?).  Short of my experience with cereal box  
records as a kid and magazine inserts later in life, not much.  Here  
are some photos.

Without looking closely, I'm guessing that they play inside to out,  
based on the blank material on the outside of some of them.  And that  
the technology enabled multiple but independent tracks, i.e. that  
don't necessarily play one after the other.  The keyed spindle must  
prevent these lightweight discs from slipping.  The few disks I looked  
at are only one-sided, but there are designations of "1" and "2" cut  
into them.

Anyone have a machine made to play these?  Would it be foolish to try  
with a standard turntable (after some closer inspection of the groove  
to make sure it doesn't require the turntable to revolve in the other  

As always, I'm grateful for the community to consult here!